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The Dance of Life


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The Slings 06:00
THE SLINGS “To be or not to be?” The question @ the heart of me, The beauties & the curses & the deadliest of skies. The slings & arrows fly, I choose another day to die… ‘Cos everybody here says “Hi!” Merchants of Desire & the Guests Masters of the Vision & the Quests Paragons of Virtue & the Ruck Dance a Tango with Lady Luck Juno in the tempest scorned … He couldn’t say he hadn’t been warned. Grand Dukes, Princes & Czars … History unwritten in scars. Hades, Erebus & Styx … built the bloody wells with bricks. Nuit – Our lady of the Star … Well I think that she’s come real far… Yeah I think she’s come far! Walls of superstition cannot hide the apparition, In conditions, during missions he occasionally drops by. Ragism & Tagism are busy watching out for him… ‘Cos everybody here says “Hi!” Prophets of Reality & Rhyme Guardians of Purgatory & Time You ran away from me, I knew you weren’t no missionary, But something of a visionary, or nothing in between. Where are you bleeding from? It’s oozing from another song… ‘And everybody here says “Hi!” His roar is bigger than his bite, but you know he’ll put you out of sight! Orpheus – his head is in the stream … He’s screamin’ loud he’s been cut clean! The Sirens are a-wailing in the dell … I can hear them all the way from hell! Fanatic opposition torn … Everyone must be reborn. Kin – Red Night of the Realm … Well I think he gonna make a great film…Yeah a really great film! LadyTree, we got so dreadful low, and even little children know! Lived the summer fantasy with Queen of Sensuality, and Maiden of Vitality - the one that got away, She works enchanted wood … where everyone is feelin’ good And everybody there says “Hi!” I owe you one life and a lake ... Yours to drink and yours to take For all belonged to all except thieves … Pilfering their moments from chiefs. At the Temple of the sun she glides … and he’s no longer on the slide. The rustle of the lovers in the breeze … hanging in the air, unfreezed. Love the lucky lady in the car … Well I think she’s gonna go far…Yeah she’s gonna go far! ‘Cos she really is a Star! “Hey Phantom of the irony and shame. are you ready? Shall we play the next game?” Lyrics by Jayl De Lara ©
GHOSTS OF THE UNDERGROUND “Well what’d ‘ya know?” … Green worked the trash & cabs, Night shift punk, Rock ‘n’ Rump Force of will @ Notting Hill and Spook in mauve @ Ladbroke Grove. And I really really gotta’ know? Tell us a secret man – all aboard the soul train...Heroes name … Walk the rain on smokey streets… And never never never know who you’re gonna meet… And hear the Ghosts of the Underground …“Woah – What a sound!” “No! No! No! Hey watch the cloth Moth, Been wall to rare, Council ‘Care.” Grey unseen @ Palmers Green and Death & coke @ Royal Oak….In a Mask & Cloak. Ah Well ya know… We’ll love to watch it grow – your forest in the snow…And you know … You know the future is unwritten… But we know we’re gonna get bitten…And hear the Ghosts of the Underground …“Woah – What a sound … What a sound!” “Go Green! And What’d ‘ya know?” What we reap is what we sow. And the urban artist flow…Lead to motivation, innovation, captivation, liberation…Liberty unfurled. Iron Soul ‘O’ Lion & the Shadow of the World….And the Shadow of the World! Liberty unfurled…. Iron Soul ‘O’ Lion & the Shadow of the World “Well Hello!” Green light showing, Go! Go! Go! Thru Sinew & No Man’s land…And the seas & the holes & the shifting sands.And the Ghosts of the Underground …“Woah – What a sound!” “So Broadway kept him goin’, Buskin’ show, Politico.” Walk in the dark @ Finsbury Park and body of a mule & head of a shark! In the dark. “Screams it all! The enemy you know you see is better than the enemy…You can’t flee … I tell my Cat who tells the Rat…Who tells the Crow – that bird of Yore who screams it all…Screams it all!” And joins the Ghosts of the Underground … “Woah – What a sound … What a sound!” Ghetto Defender, No Pretender, Gutter Poet, Truth of the Realm… King @ the Helm, Riot @ the Rainbow and 5 STAR Rock ‘n’ Roll fuel! 5 STAR Rock ‘n’ Roll fuel … and the urban artist cool… Lead to conversation, activation, affiliation, mesmerization…Liberty unfurled. Iron Soul ‘O’ Lion & the Shadow of the World. Power of site, immortal fight, “Oh what a starry night… And you know now … I can see the light!” Lyrics by Jayl De Lara ©
Holy Ground 04:24
HOLY GROUND Mercy for One For Real – the Ghost of Shadows Past As you are Eyes of fire love will last Oh I put my hand on Holy Ground Magical Feeling Eyes of fire love will last Magical Sound You are holding up my head For Real – Beyond the Moons Unseen So I can breathe So I can breathe Nights of whispers lovers dream Oh Mercy for One Yes I do stand on Holy Nights of whispers lovers dream Holy Ground I do Oh I do Feel love for you Feel love for you Lyrics by Jayl & Landa ©
Delivered 05:43
DELIVERED Murky morn a-clockin’ I’m awoken by a shockin’… It’s the postman he’s a knockin’… Knockin’ on my chamber door! He’s a giver and a quiver and he makes me fuckin’ shiver… With a sliver he delivers a letter from the war. Tear it open read it fast, try to take the icy blast… Writing from the past ‘o’ the stream beyond the door. I suck it in and burn the toast, I can’t believe it’s from a ghost… Who loved the most from up the coast … On some Plutonian shore. CH: Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely way, Singing “All goin’ back”… delivery, delivery… Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely back, yeah, La la la da da … delivery delivery, yeah. Eternal moon. A charm bar. Thrillarolla. Apart. Take her far down, make a sound … Never know – can’t get back, even as a maniac… Even swalla like a boa like a goa on a cello … ghetto…ghetto in the meadow … Feeling like a song – “Ah better now la la la love?” Everybody feels the same way every day … All heart, getcha’ start, make love, play it hard. CH: Oh roll it, roll it, roll it, roll it back, yeah, Is it all going back? … delivery, delivery… Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely back, Got it all in the bag … delivery, delivery. Wandering, wandering, delivery, delivery, oooh somebody, yeah! Oooooh yeah! … Coming soon … the storm of storms, the violent icy blue, he warns. Smoking souls and smiting fates, trickery in the dark awaits. CH: Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely day, yeah, Let it all send back … delivery, yeah delivery… Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely back, yeah, Keep it all in the bag … delivery, yeah delivery… Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely back, yeah, Take it all in the bag … delivery, yeah yeah… Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely back, yeah, Take it all in the bag … delivery, yeah delivery, say delivery, delivery, delivery….Delivery, delivery, delivery…. Nevermore! by Jayl De Lara & Andy Wood ©
Dark Angel 06:43
DARK ANGEL (For real ... the ghost of shadows past) The Universe weaves the net I dance on -- the dance of life. The Universe weaves the net I dance on -- the dance of life. Three angels, "Nemesis, "Love" and "Sting" -- burned my soul. So ... time to dust my intuition ... Love is blue, love is grief and love is ... The Universe weaves the net I dance on -- the dance of life. The Universe weaves the net I dance on -- the dance of life. Lust and power, the lady rides my many headed beast. And dreaming the dark, the magician sets his hawk into my sky. The Universe weaves the net I dance on -- the dance of life. The Universe weaves the net I dance on -- the dance of life. "Fear Not ... Fear Not" "What is not real never was"..."What is not real never was" "And never will it be"..."And never will it be." Three demons, "Nemesis, "Love" and "Sting" -- froze my soul. So ... time to trust my inner voices ... Love is grey love is free and love is ... The Universe weaves the net I dance on -- the dance of life. The Universe weaves the net I dance on -- the dance of life. The Universe weaves the net I dance on -- the dance of life... ("You are holding up my head ... so I can breathe") Lyrics by Jayl and Landa ©
Evenlode (free) 05:29
EVENLODE Five to five - exhilarating, cool spring drive, I tell you friend it’s motivating, great to be alive, The sun is setting right across the Western hills, Ferocious red a glowin’ ‘bove the spires and mills, Been reelin’ and ruckin’ … our feet on fire, Coiled like leads - you know we’re real hot wires. Waiting at the crossroads where the four winds blowed… Across the roamin’ fields to the Evenlode. Dreamin’ of the lady - delicious like a flower, Dying to reveal to her the secret of the hour, Knew that she would kill me - murder with a kiss, Pay the price and smile through ferocity and bliss, A capsule - still would stand all time like amber traps a fly, Unmoving and unfeeling with the eons rushing by, Cast in rock - a million years, before the dawn of road… But way behind the birth of the Evenlode. Climbed a dusty tower with a clock upon its face, Right up to the top - with a rivelino grace, Stood there with a leaning stance – thrilled about the chase, Glimpse of bliss & harmony, a twist in it’s embrace, Mesmerized and energized – right at the same time, Tried to catch a breathe, hold a second so sublime. Looking at this stunning view when suddenly time slowed… In the twilight valley of the Evenlode. Destiny is calling us - feel it in the nerves, Biting like a crocodile - it pricks and jabs and swerves, Recognise the feelin’ but cannot find its place, Beginning or the ending of the supersonic race? Perhaps it doesn’t matter after all is said and done, You have to learn to walk the walk, the essence is the fun. Me - I love the winter sun and love it when it’s snowed… Especially on the rocky road to Evenlode. Lyrics by Jayl De Lara ©
Halloween 04:16
HALLOWEEN In mysterious ways the siren wanders With bravura she hits the shadows Use your power and wisdom Feel the difference between you and I Elastic is how this feels, living in between The monster knocks on your bedroom door Like a timpani drum you can’t ignore Good faeries, bad faeries, roar of rocks The Ghost of Delft, the Queen of Stealth Furore on the stones. Spooky Hookey Mojo Flojo Dance to the trance with the gruesome twosome Baby blue eyes ‘neath storming skies haunting me Hallowed turf, sacred earth, crispy crunchy mind Listen for the crack of sticks, be careful what’s behind Rebuke the demon, angry hours, cage the wild beast Halloween, things unseen, the grand Oktober feast Teeming with life, solution for growth and bloom Past lives calling us, was I born too soon? I’m gratified to feel this blessing, honoured to touch your soul ‘Cos this life has brought us closer, do you hear the bell toll? The howl of heaven, naked wing, oh to hear you sing! Exhilaration, wicked kind, the unseen death will cross your mind The past is pain, the future’s rain Life in a series of compact gamezzz. Silent as a spectre, you materialize the most Rebirth a consideration, like the lustrous ways lives will take us. By Jayl and Landa ©
Delighted 04:46
DELIGHTED Fell into my own trick, deep & long, Like a melancholy chord without a song, So where are you tonight? You fierce & freshly bright? Well I miss you. An echo clings & the spirit she brings… Stars & temptations – lost in translations. So where you been? I was waitin’, anticipatin’… So come haunt me again, come anytime soon, In the dark of the day or the light of the moon. And I won’t mind at all if you come thru the wall, In fact i’ll be delighted. History hangs heavy on these days, And still the violinist plays. Make our peace with time? With every prophecy & sign, I can sense you. Feel you, hear you, hold you in my soul. So where are you tonight? You doing alright? I hope your walking with a sway, Forward to a future & a magical way… Hopes and sensations - secret revelations. So where you been? I been searchin’, searchin’, I been searchin’… So come haunt me again, come rap on my door, But don’t make me wait for evermore. I won’t be surprised by your see-thru disguise, I’ll just be delighted. Delighted … Yeah delighted … I’ll just love it! Lyrics by Jayl De Lara ©


THE DANCE OF LIFE is a set of 8 ghost stories with a theme throughout that links the individual songs into one story.
This was Jayl's first album of his new PURISM genre (a fusion of multiple genres) composed using his pioneering Gamezzz methodology. The album also experiments with mathematics and numbers and each song has it's own deliberate numbering + the album is exactly 44 minutes, not a second more or a second less. Thus, Jayl is using his music as actual timepieces. The hub of the album is the collaborations in England and Holland with Dutch Singer-Songwriter Landa. The work also features heavily the guitars of Jayl's long term friend and colleague Andy Wood (aka AC Wood).
So much artistic content and so many new concepts grew from this initial album, including 10 further 'Dance of Life' CD's, a DVD, a brand of honey "The Food of Life", a brand of water "The Source of Life", a set of postcards the 'Of Life' series, Jayl as a mentor and teacher - "The Coach of Life" and his new band for 2013 - "The Band of Life". It has therefore grown in to become a completely multi-dimensional, multimedia project.
The Dance of Life was recorded over 2½ years @ Jayl's Underground Studio - Gloucester, Quarry Hill Audio - Ashford, Kent, Landa's Crooswijk Studio - Rotterdam - Holland and the Matt Clackett Studio - London - England.


released August 1, 2008

JAYL - Vocals & Lyrics, Programming, Engineering & Production, Keyboards, Bass - 1 & 5, Spooky Wind - 3
Andy Wood - Guitars, Bass - 2 & 4, Vocals - 4
LANDA - Vocals & Lyrics & Programming - 3, 5 & 7, Engineering & Production - 5 & 7
JIMMIE BONE - Bass - 6 & 8, Extra Programming - 1, 5 & 8, Guitar, Backing Vocals, Programming, Engineering & Production - 6
MATT CLACKETT - Saxophone - 8
KATY BARNETT - Ground Vocal - 3
MINT CARACAL - Miaows, Purrs & Growls - 3,4,5 & 7

© 2008 - Harmony Label
Harmony CD 001


all rights reserved



JAYL Gloucester, UK

JAYL (aka: Jayl De Lara) Singer - Songwriter - Musician - Producer + Founder of the Harmony Label and the PURISM music methodology & genre. Jayl has an amazing and extensive back catalogue going back to the 1980's which is now being made available as digital downloads through this Bandcamp site. ... more

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