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from The Dance of Life by JAYL

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This is a ghost story of love and longing. The lyrics focus on a man whose great love has died and he is missing her so much he is begging her to come and haunt him. He doesn't care what she looks like or how ghostly she is, he will endure anything just to see her again. This is the culmination of the 'Dance of Life' story that begins with 'Holy Ground' about a man searching for his lost love through time. The song and concepts behind it are shrouded in mystery. There is reportedly a message in a bottle (as far as we know still not found) that was part of the ritual of this song's creation. The story goes that Jayl found a 100+ year old message in a bottle on a beach near the River Severn that contained secret instructions. Jayl acted upon these and the bottle was re-released into the sea on a rip tide at a place called Over, containing a new 'upgraded' secret message. Jayl has never confirmed the truth of this.
This is a song which truly has a life of its own and was composed by Jayl De Lara and Andy Wood (aka AC Wood) using Purism and Gamezzz techniques. This time they had so little time in which to record the song that they used '0' takes! This is purely terminology for the method and means that what you are actually hearing here is them recording the guitar and vocal in one take as they were writing the song; with a feed to separate tracks. Jayl sat with his lyrics in front of Andy Wood (with his guitar) @ the Underground Studio in Gloucester, and they anticipated musically and telepathically where each other were going and it turned out perfect. Additional guitar and vocals were added afterwards, but what you are essentially hearing here is the result of the very first take 'on the fly'. At the end of this triumphant session, the 2 artists hugged each other in understanding and celebration; yet Jayl has never seen or heard from Andy again, even though they had been friends and colleagues for many years! Despite many attempts to track him down, this cruel twist of fate has haunted Jayl greatly, but is also part of the mystique and great irony of a project that has produced such a magnificent and 'haunting' piece of work. One story from the Harmony Realm goes that the song was unwittingly played to a local witch, who was so adversely affected by its beauty and purity that she cast an evil spell upon the friendship. It is also said that once the message in a bottle is found that the spell will be broken and Jayl and Wood will work together again! Myth, legend and conjecture are so much a part of the artistic realms, especially with an album so powerful and ghostly, so it remains to be seen if this part of the story will ever have an end. Either way, 'Delighted' represents how great Jayl and Wood are when working together; so if this piece really is their last work together, then what an ending!
The magical, haunting saxophone that is now so prominent on the song is by UK sax legend - Matt Clackett.



Fell into my own trick, deep & long,
Like a melancholy chord without a song,
So where are you tonight?
You fierce & freshly bright? Well I miss you.
An echo clings & the spirit she brings…
Stars & temptations – lost in translations.

So where you been? I was waitin’, anticipatin’…
So come haunt me again, come anytime soon,
In the dark of the day or the light of the moon.
And I won’t mind at all if you come thru the wall,
In fact i’ll be delighted.

History hangs heavy on these days,
And still the violinist plays.
Make our peace with time?
With every prophecy & sign, I can sense you.
Feel you, hear you, hold you in my soul.

So where are you tonight?
You doing alright? I hope your walking with a sway,
Forward to a future & a magical way…
Hopes and sensations - secret revelations.

So where you been? I been searchin’, searchin’, I been searchin’…
So come haunt me again, come rap on my door,
But don’t make me wait for evermore.
I won’t be surprised by your see-thru disguise,
I’ll just be delighted.
Delighted … Yeah delighted …
I’ll just love it!

Lyrics by Jayl De Lara ©


from The Dance of Life, released August 1, 2008
by Jayl & Andy Wood ©


all rights reserved



JAYL Gloucester, UK

JAYL (aka: Jayl De Lara) Singer - Songwriter - Musician - Producer + Founder of the Harmony Label and the PURISM music methodology & genre. Jayl has an amazing and extensive back catalogue going back to the 1980's which is now being made available as digital downloads through this Bandcamp site. ... more

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